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Meet Ashy.

Ashy Akakpo Christian, Gospel Singer

Ashy Akakpo is a 24-year-old emerging Soulful and Gospel Artist from London, UK as well as the head and co-founder of the ministry, ‘The Awake Ministries’.

Growing up, Ashy has always used her voice for the glory of God, singing at talent shows over the years, cultural events in and out of school, and at church. 

Many have compared Ashy Akakpo’s voice to voices such as Mahaila Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Tramaine Hawkins because of how powerful, passionate, and rich her voice really is. Ashy Akakpo has sung at many arenas to thousands of people. She has sung at concerts and was also given the opportunity to sing on Television but due to exams could not do so. However, it was only in October 2019, Ashy realized God was calling her into the ministry of music.

Throughout the years she had recognized how thousands of people had been captivated and touched by her music and had asked if she had released a song of her own or if an album was in the works. She had always denied this and kept holding her gift back. Until one day, after a lot of prayer and consideration, she pursued her calling, as a gospel artist. Although hesitant she took on the challenge and produced and wrote her debut single “Without Condition”.

​Her debut single “Without Condition” was a testimony of the unconditional love of God she has seen and experienced in her own life. Although many times in her Christian walk with God she has strayed and doubted, God’s hand still wasn’t too far from her, and neither his love. It was, for this reason, Ashy realized how God’s love truly is “Without Condition”.

​When it was released on February 16th, 2020, “Without Condition” did not just touch the hearts of her family and friends, but it also touched the hearts of almost 4,000 people. Later in March, her debut single was to be nominated for the Stepfwd UK Christian Charts, which came as a tremendous surprise to her as she would have never thought so many hearts would have been so immensely blessed by her music. ‘I had no idea,’ Ashy states, ‘That people would love Without Condition as much I did! It was something new for me, to be so vulnerable in my debut single, and yet, people were still so blessed by that vulnerability.’ Ashy later went on to release three more singles, ‘Faith’, ‘Praise You’ and ‘Deliver me’. She also has her debut EP in the works.

​Ashy also recognised a deep passion she had for the preaching and teaching of the gospel, especially when it comes to the youth. She acknowledged how so many youth are looking for truth and a community to belong to, but don’t know where to go or who to turn to. So, for this reason, after a lot of prayer and fasting, she with her two friends Darnell Christie and Florence Banjo, founded The Awake Ministries in June 2021.

The Awake Ministries is a youth-focused, Christ centred and evangelism driven ministry, with one aim, to wake up youth and bring them to truth. 


A self-proclaimed mighty woman of God and an agitator for Christ, she hopes her music as well as her ministry shakes the world and brings many to know the one she loves dearly.

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