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10 Places To Go To In 2019

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

So it's been 2018 for a month now and I think it's fair to say that I keep spending money unnecessarily on things which I really don't need. However, I really want to travel and discover new places, meet new people and to go on adventures which I know for a fact will change so many aspects of myself. But like I said I really don't have that kind of money, so instead of backpacking across America or hiking up the great alps, I've decided to use my oyster card and have a fuller, richer experience of London instead.

So here are my top 10 places to go to in 2018 and 2019 which doesn't involve you booking a flight which you knowingly can not afford #brokegang

Disclaimer: (You can still go to these places in 2019, 2020, 2031 - well you get the idea).

So to all those students out there who went crazy on their maintenance loan, I've got you!

1. Joe & The Juice

I've always passed this Cafe on my way to uni but never really gave it any real thought, however things all changed when I saw on one of my friends Instagram stories how Joe & The Juice looked quite aesthetically pleasing from within and not only that, the beverages at the cafe actually looked really tasty! I mean we're talking red, blue and green. They also apparently play jazz in the background, which ultimately gives the cafe a very chilled feel to it.

2. St James's Park

Now for all those who really like a little bit of nature and are looking for a place to take stunning photos, then St James's Park is for you. Everything in this park is just so beautiful. You get a brilliant view of the London Eye and the Fountain which lies in the middle of the lake is just gorgeous! I haven't been there myself but by the looks of things (thank you google images) I might give St James's Park a visit myself very soon.

3. M&M World

For you sweet tooth people out there, I've got your back! M&M World in my opinion is such a magical place! It's like the willy wonka chocolate factory but on a budget (in a good way). And they don't just have chocolate bars, and chocolate fountains (I wish), they also have T Shirts, room decor and other amazing goodies too! Trust me M&M world is the place for you to go!

4. Emirates Air Line Cable Car

Now I can't afford hiring a helicopter to see above London, and the London Eye is too slow for me so, the most affordable and enjoyable way to look at London's view is by going on the 'Emirates Air Line Cable Cars'. Ladies and Gentlemen, I haven't been on one as of yet but I assure you the experience is something you could never forget. The view is unbelievable and the price (if you're on a tight budget) is definitely affordable!

5. MOD

If you're a lover of all things pizza, then you're in luck! MOD caters for your needs, serving you huge pizzas at a very affordable price. The setting is very elegant, allowing you to have such a nice view of some of Leicester Square. And like me, if you go to MOD just before a premier you could be mistaken for someone important and be invited to stand right at the front.

6. Piccadilly Circus

So, I've never been to New York as I have already stated ... your girl doesn't have the funds for that, however, Piccadilly Circus definitely gives you that Times Square sort of feeling. With their huge digital billboards and various attractions round about the 'circus' you will definitely enjoy the sights. And also you will enjoy the various performers who drown the street with their explosive talents!

7. Grave of Giro The Dog

This an amazing yet sad spectacle in my opinion, a Nazi who buried his beloved dog under a tree. When I first saw it I didn't really know how to feel. The grave site is laid between Regent Street and Horse Guards Parade. Definitely something to see. And plus it's outside so you don't pay a dime.

8. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

To many this restaurant is labelled, 'The posh version of McDonald's' due their affordable prices and excellent quality! Also they have halal branches across London, places such as Ealing and Chiswick (only naming a few). I haven't gone there myself but I know for sure they'll be seeing me very very soon.

9. Kingsman x Mr Porter Shop

If you've watched Kingsman then this is the place to go! The scene in which Mr Porter decided to shop at you can not shop as their permanently close but you can look at it. Still gives you that thrill, the feeling you feel when you see a celebrity regardless of the fact that you can't go inside. And once again you don't pay a dime staring at their window display! How awesome is that! The shop is located at St James's Street.

10. Leake Street Tunnel

Can't afford going to see a upper class art expedition? There's nothing to worry about, Leake Street Tunnel is a tunnel spiralling with beauty. With urban graffiti on either sides of the tunnel, Leake Street is definitely a spectacle to see. Plus if you didn't realise this expedition is free of course.

And there you have it, my top 10 places you should visit or go to in London. There are many more places which I haven't discovered yet as London is so big and mysterious. Perhaps I'll make another post suggesting other amazing places to go and maybe this time not on a budget!

Love Ash x


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