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Pressing RESET

So, this week hasn't started off too good for me. In fact, it's kind of just spiralled downhill from Saturday night and today's Monday soooo – yeah. Not good. Not good at all. Woke up this morning looking like a hot mess and feeling exactly the same. But here's the thing, I don't want my week to be as bad as the weekend has been, so I'm going to press reset. Because honestly, who has the time to feel sad, right? It's a no, from me. Gotta get up, get moving and press the reset button, can't allow circumstances that are out of your control to ruin the rest of your week. Remember that now, kids.

So, what am I going to do to reset my week you might ask?

Well – I'm glad you asked.

1. Stay hydrated!

Doesn't really sound like a big deal right? Staying hydrated. Well, you're wrong, see, if you cried most of the weekend like I did then – you need to replace that water, honey! Drink at least one litre of water that entire day if you can't manage two. Staying hydrated won't just replace all the water you loss (tears folks, keep up) but staying hydrated will do wonders to your skin, your hair, your nails, your weight – your freaking body mate!! So that's a vibe!!!! Stay hydrated!!

2. Spend Time with God

So, this is for the religious people out there (in directing at myself), spending time with God will definitely reset your week, your month – mate! Your life! But hold up. What if you cried all weekend like me, over a situation which was out of your control and now you don't really want to talk or spend time with God? 64-mark question, right? Well, there's a simple answer to that. Gwan and spend time with Him anyway. Listen, I've realised that it's when you're feeling your lowest and it's when life is being a fish (haha got to keep things PG) that it's very, very crucial you spend time with God.

Yeah, you can speak to your friends but see, I've learnt in my life that, the thing is – with humans – one way or another they'll leave. If it's not by walking away, ignoring you, cutting you out of their life, it'd be by death, so one way or another – they won't be there forever. It's evitable. The circle of life. Hakuna Matata.

But see, with God, he doesn't leave you. He's always there in the background waiting for you to call on him and pour your heart out. I haven't done that yet, but by the time I finish typing this out – I will.

3. Declutter a Part of The House You've Kept Avoiding.

So, for me, I have this particular draw in my room, in my desk that has basically everything in it. And I kept saying, 'I'm gonna clean it, I'm gonna clean it,' but I always seem to 'forget'. Until today I decided I was going to declutter it and mainly sort my life out. And I tell you this, the pride I felt when I looked at that draw and saw things I actually needed, found things I had thought I'd lost, looking in my draw and actually seeing the bottom of it – not just crunched up pieces of paper, broken pens and pencils, tissue packets etc – was real. If you declutter a draw, a room or a cupboard you've been avoiding for months – the satisfaction is indescribable. Plus, if you're like me and cried because of that 'out of my control' situation, well decluttering that particular part of the house will make you feel in control. Just a little bit more.

4. Declutter Your Phone

Here's another thing I did. I deleted unused apps, deleted every single picture and video in my gallery (because I had already backed up all my photos), removed a few overly played songs on my playlist and changed my wallpaper for my lock screen and home screen. Like I said before, for some reason, after decluttering and giving my phone a new look, I felt a little more in control over my life – and even my emotions.

5. Switch Up Your Wardrobe!

Now, this only applies to those who have the money to waste – I'm joking, your money's not going to waste, don't worry. Retail Therapy kids! Listen, switching up your wardrobe does wonders, not only to your mood but your week. You get to look different – you get to reset your entire look. This morning for me, with my eyes still swollen (because of the crying – keep up) I took myself to prettylittlething and boohoo and treated myself to a few items so that tomorrow I can go out feeling like a Queen rather than feeling like an emotional wreck – you get me? Honestly, y'all ain't ready for this week's glo up! Reset baby!

6. Release all Your Emotions – Physically & Vocally.

So, what usually works for me when I'm feeling sad, eeky – an emotional wreck basically – I DANCE AND SING THAT PAIN AWAY BABY!! I tell you this, there's just something about moving your body and your vocal cords that just makes you feel gooood! Even if you can hardly see because of how much you cried the night before, moving does wonders. Usually for me, I play all my favourite gospel tunes so that not only is my mood lifted but so is my faith because see, I realised, when I play any other playlist that isn't gospel, a song will tend to play that's about falling in love, heartbreak – some foolishness right, and then I'd stop dancing and start sulking. No. One. Needs. That.

I mean the same thing could potentially happen with gospel, but that's a risk I'm willing to take! The song I've been playing today has been Love Theory by Kirk Franklin – listen the whole song is a vibeeeee!!

7. Stay off Social Media!!

See, that's very important. You're probably wondering – wait, why though? Listen, you're resetting your week, resetting your mood, you don't want to accidentally come across something that will make you tear up and cry, plus you don't want to be sad enough to keep checking a particular platform to see if that one person has messaged you yet – I mean who even does that… but seriously, it isn't worth it. You got to reset your mind honey, and to do that you got to keep your mind clear, no distractions, no reminders. If you're tempted to check, put your phone on aeroplane mode or turn your notifications off and hide those apps in random folders with your eyes closed. I always do that if I'm trying to reset, stops me from checking my social media.

8. Don't Allow Your Mind to Wander, Keep Productive!

Now, that's a big problem for me. I'm a massive overthinker. So, when I'm resetting, I have to make sure I'm always doing something that day. Tidy your house, change your bed, walk your neighbour's cat – I don't know – just do something! So, for me today, I've made a little to-do list for me to work with. I need to respond to some emails, send emails, tidy my room, do the laundry, write out this blog post and other stuff too. See, with your mind occupied, and you occupied, whatever has been bothering you, whatever made you overly sad all weekend won't cross your mind, especially if you're productive and not on your phone – waiting for someone to message you – let's just move on...

9. Treat Yourself to A Self-Pampering Session

Here's something that works wonders for me. When I need to reset, I make sure I give myself the love I need. Give yourself a nice warm bath with your favourite lush bath bomb, get a pedicure and manicure, give yourself a scalp massage with peppermint oil to get your hair flourishing, go to a spa and get an actual massage to release all that tension, go out and take yourself on a date, go buy some ice cream and eat it all by yourself. Just get yourself feeling the best you can feel. Reset babyyyy!!!

10. Get Some Sleep!!

So, if you were like me, you cried most of the night before, went to sleep, woke up and started crying again because if you haven't noticed – emotional wreck. Anyway, due to all this crying, you lost a lot of well-deserved sleep, so tonight – no exceptions. This is your reset day which means, you need to actually reset. You need to recharge physically because I assure you, if you were crying all weekend, you're probably emotionally and physically exhausted by now. You need to get at least 9 hours of sleep tonight, no social media to distract you, it's your night. So, go get it, girl – or guy.

Ahem. And that's all folks, my 10 step guide to reset your day, week, month, year – life. I'll be following this plan today because like I said, ha – emotional wreck.

I'm actually doing fine if I'm being honest, got my mind occupied, got my mood pretty much lifted so – we're doing good. Issssaaaaa viiiiiibbeeee at this point!

Happy Resetting!

(That should totally be a day though, reset day! Someone make it official!!!!)

Love Ash x


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