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  • Ashy Akakpo

Thank You 2018, Next

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

From the moment I stepped into you, and you into me, my mind became wrapped up in a sea of continuous wonder, and curiosity. And with every sunset and sunrise, you consumed me. The days that held me, cradled me down into a place, I no longer could be found. For you, my love, my heartbeat, brought days of joy. Days of wonder. Days upon days of smiles I could but ponder. I found in myself the strength to conquer things my past no longer wanted to keep bound, keep under. And the dreams I had, the goals and glowing aspirations you saw me believe in, kept alight, kept on glowing so bright. The people that walked into my life, the friends I made, the people that stayed, the moments in my life I would never trade, became the world I now orbit around. And it around me. Through the dark days and cryptic hazy nights, when my soul would turn left, not looking right – in those silent moments of unclarity I found in me the reason to care and to be cared. Oh, the hours, the minutes, the seconds that we shared. At night when the moon shone bright and danced, it’s ghostly light on my window of the wintery night, there you stayed. Kept me cheered. So, there I stood, and have kept standing like I said I would, no longer afraid. You reminded me of the importance of family, those who one would so easily take for granted until they have long departed. I am grateful for the sun that shone, the rain that sprinkled down and dressed the uneven settling of the ground. I am grateful for the exciting times, the distracting times, the mind-blowing times, and the frustrating times. I am grateful for the tears, the fears and if I dare to say – the uncanny stares of those I will not mention. The moments I’d question, I now see no tension. So, I thank you, my love. I thank you for nearly rupturing me, I thank you for allowing the abyss I felt to greet me and not utterly break me. I thank you for the moments that allowed me to identify my purpose, the moments that allowed me to identify my voice, the moments that allowed me to identify my own choice. So now I am strong. So now I am empowered. And like an eagle, today, in this moment I’ll fly, I’ll soar, restricted to the ground – no more. So to my 'ex', thank you 2018 – next.

Ashy Akakpo Influencer and content creator


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