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  • Ashy Akakpo

To the One Who Has My Heart

It’s weird how tragic you are.

Whipped in this billow of fantasy.

A cinematic symphony.

How uncertainty seems to

Hold onto you like a cloak.

How like dashing smoke,

You evaporate when I am set in this paramount trance –

I tend to exaggerate but even then

Pretentious as it may be

You truly are a classic Greek tragedy.

Because unlike all stories

You start with sweetness.

Oh, you are more than cold to the touch

But that didn’t matter much.

Your infectious cadence drew me closer

And though you poser, posed as a threat

The deal was done, the time was set.

To indulge in you, summer sky blue

Is a reality beyond measure.

Even in ice, your delicate, subtle sweetness is to me one of life’s simple treasures.

I cherish you.

Even now. The memory of you, I will allow

Because in this moment, eleven past three

My bowl of bubblegum ice cream is now empty.


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