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  • Ashy Akakpo

Two Things Life Has Taught Me

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Two things life has taught me, sometimes the only shoulder you can lean on is yourself. The only person you can depend on to support your broken soul is you and only you. Don’t depend on these fools who choose to lock the door between hope and gratitude, dismember you! Cause you to doubt the doors swung wide open in front of you. These snakes don’t hide out of sight, they commune with us, present-day snake charmers - but they're anonymous. They sit right beside us, disconnect us from the reality right in front of us. And thus we laugh. But this ain't no joke. I apologise for the double negatives but, that's unavoidable like this smoke. The moment you stop, wake up and uncloak the vindictive 'friendly' folk, you begin to choke. And you keep on choking. But I'm – choking, on the many lives lost to these crippling parasites of humanity! I chose to see with unrequited clarity. The simplicity of a stolen, frozen humanity! Two things life has taught me – you can mistreat me, but you will never bring out the beast from within me. I am mighty. I am no one’s reliability. I depend on my own tranquillity! I am no slave to any master! I write my own chapter and walk my own pasture. I am faster than the speed of light because my motives are so cold they produce frostbite! And the words I speak will ignite a fire, so bright it will engulf the night, not even these parasites have to appetite to fight! Because I am dynamite. Two things life has taught me. When they say no, you just go - knowing that no one in this world can undermine your authority! Call me prestige, because my bloodline spells out royalty!

Ashy Akakpo Blogger, Beauty & Fashion Influencer, Content Creator


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