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  • Ashy Akakpo


Updated: Oct 9, 2020

‘Waiting isn’t easy,’ they say, ‘I promise you. The more you want things to move forward, the more it stays away.’ And honestly, the truth is, I allowed those words to keep rolling on – replay, day after day. Reached for things I couldn’t have and settled with the ‘okay.’ I’d see what I prayed for, watch it – him pass me by, y’know that Ephesians 5 kinda guy – but when I waited – I was always left on standby.

My default position.

I’ve been here, standing still and haven’t improved my condition, stood here longer than any disquisition and now this waiting game is starting to feel like a mission. And my disposition is bending, I’m an apparition – fending. You can’t tell – I’m invisible … hashtag trending. Because most of us keep pretending you’re waiting on God, but your faith keeps buffering, and now your wait has turned into pending.

You don’t understand why, that sister or brother left you on read with no reply and every time you try to apply that faith of a mustard seed, to someone who’s use is as useless as a velocipede, you still try and supply that need. What most of us forget is that to wait is to trust. Without the rush of our own desires and inclinations.

To wait is to resume an act of patience, to revoke our flesh’s attitude and complacence. To wait is to be secure in the season God has placed you in, even when your blessing – awaiting you – is looking so thin. Dare I say, sometimes when God says wait – he means to wait on Him.

Not someone or something – just specifically Him.

And the more and more we lose focus, the more and more we lose hope. And the more and more we lose focus, the more and more what you prayed for – seems like a joke. That healing or promotion, you’ve prayed on with such devotion, still has no fruition – so now you’re stuck in this sticky situation where you’re checking your spiritual nutrition.

And you’re beginning to feel like your dietary error, was the faith you had to receive that fella – or anything else that rhymes with error. This is the reality.

God expects you to wait, because when you don’t – those doors you forced to be opened – God will have to eliminate.

And no, I don’t believe in fate, that there is ‘the One’ out there waiting for me, but I believe that God owns the pen to not just write my love story but to begin a new chapter where he alone receives all the glory.

And so, for that, I give him thanks.

Because I know this waiting season – is about to dispense. But for others it might be about to commence, but whatever your journey – don’t be in a hurry.

Hand Jesus over the pen and let him finish your story.

Singer/Songwriter Ashy Akakpo


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