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  • Ashy Akakpo

You Monster

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

You monster. Your tongue is like a viper.

Everyone is wrong and you’re always right.

Your righteous delusion blinds you from the

fact that you are as sadistic as the reflection

you look at. You grind the bones of your victims

with your teeth, then smile at their demise.

But you – creature! To me – you pretend. You

cause me pain, you drain me. Isolate me.

Lie to me. Any glimpses of joy, you snuff away.

Don’t make her smile. Don’t make her smile.

You evil mutation of agony. But your genes flow within me,

your DNA plagues me.

I want

to escape from your grasp but when I wiggle

out between your fingers you, hold me. Tight.

And bite and bite and bite, until you rip my

flesh and squeeze out the blood within me.

Then you drink it.

And you leave me dry, brittle, waiting to be held –

by another man – than you.


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